We currently offer Free Shipping for all domestic orders above 30USD!

Shipping Methods and Tracking:

  • Our orders are shipped with EMS or Thai Post, we also offer shipping with DHL or UPS on request
  • All our orders are shipped with tracking enabled
  • Thai Post currently offers shipping via ePacket (selected countries), EMS World and EMS One Price
  • Should payment be done via PayPal, all orders are 100% insured through PayPal buyer protection
  • Tracking is possible via below services:

Delivery Zones & Times:

  • We offer domestic and worldwide/international shipping
  • All of our orders are usually picked, packed and shipped in max. 24h after payment is received
  • In certain instances (i.e. public holidays, or if communicated on our shop page) delays might occur
  • Please also take note that COVID still has impact on international shipping lead times!


Domestic delivery usually takes 1 – 2 days (EMS) or 2 – 3 days (Regular) across Thailand.

WeightNormal /w TrackingEMS w/ Tracking
0g – 500g2.00 USD2.50 USD
501g – 1000g2.50 USD3.00 USD
1001g – 5000g4.50 USD5.50 USD
5001g – 10000g6.50 USD10.00 USD
Domestic Shipping Rates

International via Thai Post ePacket

Thai Post ePacket is the most economic and time-acceptable shipping rate currently on offer.

WeightZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5Zone 6Zone 7
0g – 100g6.00 USD6.50 USD7.50 USD8.00 USD9.00 USD10.00 USD9.00 USD
101g – 250g8.50 USD9.00 USD11.00 USD11.00 USD13.00 USD14.00 USD13.00 USD
251g – 500g11.00 USD13.50 USD14.50 USD15.00 USD17.00 USD19.00 USD17.00 USD
501g – 750g15.00 USD20.50 USD19.00 USD20.00 USD24.00 USD25.00 USD24.00 USD
751g – 1000g18.00 USD25.00 USD22.00 USD24.00 USD28.00 USD30.00 USD30.00 USD
1001g – 1500g24.00 USD36.50 USD30.00 USD33.00 USD39.00 USD42.00 USD44.00 USD
1501g – 2000g30.00 USD48.00 USD37.00 USD41.00 USD50.00 USD55.00 USD58.00 USD

Zone 1: Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam
Zone 2: United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Zone 3: Germany, Sri Lanka
Zone 4: Australia
Zone 5: France, New Zealand, United Kingdom (UK)
Zone 6: Italy, Romania
Zone 7: Egypt, Estonia, Hungary, South Africa

WeightZone 8Zone 9Zone 10Zone 11Zone 12Zone 15
0g – 100g9.00 USD9.00 USD10.00 USD11.00 USD10.00 USD10.00 USD
101g – 250g13.00 USD13.00 USD15.00 USD16.00 USD14.00 USD17.00 USD
251g – 500g18.00 USD20.00 USD21.00 USD21.00 USD21.00 USD25.00 USD
501g – 750g27.00 USD31.00 USD29.00 USD28.00 USD32.00 USD36.00 USD
751g – 1000g33.00 USD37.50 USD34.00 USD35.00 USD40.00 USD44.00 USD
1001g – 1500g49.00 USD55.00 USD48.00 USD47.00 USD57.00 USD63.00 USD
1501g – 2000g65.00 USD73.00 USD60.00 USD60.00 USD75.00 USD82.00 USD

Zone 8: Croatia, Finland, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey
Zone 9: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland
Zone 10: Sweden
Zone 11: United States of America (US)
Zone 12: Brazil, Slovakia
Zone 15: Canada

Shipping Address, Shipping Legal Notes and Tracking:

Please ensure that your shipping address is correct during check-out in our shop!

We will always try to deliver our products in the highest quality possible, nevertheless is not liable due to failure on the shipping companies side, neither are we liable on any misconduct during shipment and we do not offer trial purchases or similar.

Further, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to check the order on completeness and quality once received.

If defects or damages were found later than 24h it will be classified as the Buyer’s inflicted physical damage.

Returns, Custom Fees, Duties and Local Taxes:

  • does offer returns whereas will charge 35% in handling fees
  • Shipping costs are to be covered by the Buyer
  • The remaining balance will be transferred either by coupon or via PayPal at the Buyers choice
  • There might be additional custom fees, duties or local taxes applied to your order
  • brick2cube is not responsible for such charges and it is the sole responsibility of the Buyer
  • To inform yourself, please visit your country’s tax department website ahead of the order
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